Warranty Info

Rooftree has a one year manufacturer's warranty! If within one year from the date of purchase, this product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Rooftree will repair or replace the product, or necessary components, free of charge!

You can find the precise warranty period of your product on the literature inside its box or on product description page. You can also verify the warranty period with our customer service team in the body of your message.


(1) Damage caused by accident, abuse, mishandling, or transport;
(2) Units taken out of the US;
(3) Units subjected to unauthorized repair;
(4) Units not used in accordance with Rooftree instructions;
(5) Damage exceeding the cost of the product;
(6) Deterioration of the delivered product resulting from abnormal storage and/or safeguarding conditions on the client’s premises;
(7) Products taken apart or repaired by anyone other than an authorized service representative
(8) Failure to provide the dated proof of purchase, and products purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

If your product turns out to have a defect during its warranty period, please send emails to support@rooftrees.com. Do not try and repair the unit yourself, as this will void your warranty.