Product Review Rooftree Massage Gun Review

Product Review Rooftree Massage Gun Review
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Evidence of massage has been found in ancient civilizations and recognized as a beneficial treatment for muscle-related pain. Martial athletes who have training related pain understand the importance of recovery therapy. Massage guns are a great tool to help with muscle pain related to any level of fitness training.
Over the past couple of years, I have incorporated a massage gun into my recovery routine. I have noticed a vast difference in my ability to recover from intense training or from an injury related. I love using a massage gun and often utilize it couple of times a day.
I recently posted a review on YouTube of the Rooftree massage gun. I have been using the Rooftree massage gun for about 3 months and it has done a great job. I specifically massage my legs and arms most days since I am a Muay Thai instructor, I am punching and kicking throughout the day so I can be very sore once the day is over.
The Rooftree massage gun has 4 customizable ranges of speed, 1930/2280/2800/3400 RPM. The battery and speed levels are indicated by lights on the back of the device. 3 attachments are provided with the massage gun, one flat, ball and bullet shaped. I enjoy using the ball attachment most days.

 Overall Benefits of massage gun
  • Relieve muscle soreness & stiffness
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Improve range of motion
  • Accelerate lactic acid decomposition
  • Accelerate warmup & recovery
  • Comes with a great solid case to easily travel with
  • Percussion levels are satisfactory
  • Reasonably priced less than $200
  • Metal massage heads for faster muscle recovery
  • Good handle for grip
  • Battery indicator
  • Free Shipping, 30 day returns & 2 Year warranty
  • Only 3 attachments provided
  • This massage gun is slightly louder than others
  • The percussion is not as smooth as others
  • Final Thoughts
I recommend this massage gun; the pros outweigh the cons overall. The price is reasonable, it is packaged nicely, I really like the metal message heads and the customer service promise is respectable. I’ll continue to utilize this massage gun and update if I have any issues, however after 3 months of use, the rooftree massage gun has been worthy.