Rooftree R20 Massage Gun Review


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Well, 2020 Christmas is just around the corner. We are all looking for gifts we can buy online or for gifts that might bring our friends and loved ones joy after a difficult year. Or, if you are not celebrating Christmas, maybe you are looking for something to help you feel a little better physically. You have my permission. It has been a rough year.

One thing that has suffered this year, in my opinion, has been touch. And one gift that I think would be great for many people this year, is a percussion massage gun.

Recently, Rooftree sent me a new massage then to try. I’ve tried so many massage guns and I only try to review units that have different features than previously reviewed massage guns. Rooftree’s massage gun has metal attachment heads, which is new to me, so I agreed to do this review on their product.

Here is what I found out about Rooftree’s Massage Gun (affiliate link).


As you can see the size of this massage gun, it is smaller than the last standard massage that I’ve owned, the Vybe Pro. If you read that review, one of my complaints is that the handle on the Vybe massage gun was a little too big. I thought it might be too big for many other female massage therapist with smaller hands (or anyone who wants a massage gun and have smaller hands for that matter). I’m able to grip around the Rooftree massage gun better. However, I do wish it had the silicone grip that my other massage gun had.


The noise that comes from this percussion is minimal, the quietest I have used so far. Noise level reduction is something I think many companies have aimed to improve on in the past couple of years as the use of massage guns has exploded. The noise that comes from this unit is not going to be a distraction in the massage room, at trade fairs, or for using your own home.


This unit only comes with four speeds. My other unit has nine speeds. Honestly, this isn’t such a big deal. Four speeds are more than enough for most percussion massage guns, even in a professional environment.

Battery Life

Here is another significant improvement in the last year for many massage guns. This unit markets a battery life of 8 hours on a low speed and pressure. The company has told me personally that this unit can run 12 hours on the lowest speed and 4 hours on the highest speed. This is hours longer than my last unit. I have not tested this feauture, but I will confirm it does run for a very long time without needing to be charged.

Heads/Tip Attachments

Some massage guns have very cheaply made tips. The Rooftree is not one of those units. The biggest difference with this massage gun that I have noticed is the metal tips as opposed to rubber or foam that many other massage guns use. This is a major selling point for this massage gun. They give this unit a very professional feel and smooth massage. However, it does only come with three interchangeable heads.


  • The ball is not metal, but appears to be a dense foam
  • Still had a nice feel and intensity level for a massage gun
  • This attachment is for all over the body use


  • Generally, a flat attachment head is less intense than a ball attachment
  • Loved using this attachment on my feet and more sensitive areas


  • This attachment is for specific areas or trigger point use
  • This is the best bullet attachment I have used with a percussion massage gun

Truthfully, I do miss having a fork attachment for working along the spine and on each side of the shin bone.

Some Other Things I Want to Mention

All in all, I felt that this massage gun was a very good unit that I could recommend to others looking to buy their first massage gun. I actually gave away my old massage gun and kept this one. The size, battery life, noise level, and overall feel made me choose this gun over my old one.

Target has a massage gun on sale for Cyber Monday for $279. I would choose the Rooftree at its cost of $129.00 (if using the $50 coupon) any day.

You don’t need a massage license to buy a massage gun. Percussion massage guns are not just for athletes, CrossFitters, chiropractors, or massage therapists. They are for anybody looking for relief from everyday aches and pains, stiffness, or muscle injury recovery.

If you are still too uncomfortable to go out and get a massage due to the pandemic, a massage gun would be a great thing to have in your home. And it is a great gift to give to others who can safely have a massage. I do not recommend massage guns to those who cannot safely have a massage, or those that do not prefer a fair amount of pressure during a massage.

If you are ready to safely and responsibly go visit your massage therapist, feel free to do so. There are many massage therapists that need your small business support right now.

If you’re a massage therapist wondering if this unit is right for your massage room and your massage clients. This would make a great starter unit to see if massage guns are right for your practice.

Here is where you can buy a Rooftree Massage Gun (Affiliate Link) on Amazon.