Rooftree R20 Massage Gun Review: Use real metal heads to kiss your knots goodbye

Rooftree R20 Massage Gun Review


Idon't know about you, but everything we've gone through individually and collectively in 2020 has me riddled with all kinds of stress and anxiety. Self-care and stress relief is more important now than ever. I've come to love my daily massage gun ritual and it has made an incredible impact on my physical and mental health. Massage guns are excellent therapeutic tools that have helped alleviate a lot of stress and tension.

I tried the Rooftree R20 Massage Gun and I've got to say, out of all the massage guns I've sampled, this is one of my favorites. It's unique because it features real metal massage heads that penetrate deeply and feel great on your skin.

Rooftree R20 Massage Gun: What I like

Let's start with what sets the Rooftree R20 Massage Gun apart from the others, which are the real metal massage heads. At first, I thought the metal might feel too intense, but the metal massage heads included in this set have quickly become my most cherished. The metal bullet massage head in particular is my absolute favorite. I think the shape, design, and material of this piece allows this head to penetrate deeper than other plastic heads I've used. Plus, it feels great on my skin.

It comes with three interchangeable massage head attachments total.

A ball head for overall use, a flat metal head for tender areas or areas near bones, and a bullet head for lower back and trigger point therapy. Rooftree recommends using the metal heads when using this tool on bare skin. The user manual states that the ball head is not recommended for direct skin massage to avoid skin abrasions. I think you'd have to apply an extraordinary amount of pressure to break the skin, but better to play it safe and go with the metal heads since you've got them, and they feel better anyway.

This massage gun features four different speed settings that deliver up to 3400 percussions per minute. Each level is incredibly powerful, so I typically stay firmly parked at level one. I find that it meets all of my needs. Sometimes, I'll venture up to level two, but levels three and four are too powerful for me. This massage gun can definitely pack a punch so start at level one and work your way up as needed.

The Rooftree R20 Massage gun is a full-sized gun, but it features an extremely ergonomic design and comes in a compact, travel friendly carrying case. Despite the fact that it's full-sized, it's carrying case is much smaller than the other full-sized guns I've used. Plus, it's quite light at just a hair over two pounds. This is super beneficial to those who travel often or just like to tote their massage gun with them everywhere (like me).

Another fantastic feature on this massage gun is the super short charge time.

It takes two and a half hours to charge completely and then boasts a battery life of over eight hours depending on the speed level used and the pressure applied. That's a really long time and puts the Rooftree R20 Massage Gun ahead by a landslide in terms of both charging time and battery life.

I also love that the Rooftree R20 Massage Gun has no auto shutoff. Most of the massage guns I've used have a 10 to 15-minute auto shutoff feature and it drives me nuts to have to stop and restart the gun in the middle of a session. The R20 has a little vent on top that dissipates heat. This is the first time I've seen this on a massage gun. It protects the device from overheating and damage, and therefore an auto shutoff is not necessary – major score!

Rooftree R20 Massage Gun: What I don't like

The Rooftree R20 Massage Gun only comes with three massage heads, of which two are metal. A lot of the full-sized massage guns I've used have come with six. I would have loved if more metal heads were included with this product. I find myself wishing for more heads, especially when considering the price tag.

Right now, Rooftree is running a flash sale so you can take this gun home for $179, but typically it's priced at $269. This is much more expensive than other massage guns of similar caliber that I would rank in the same category. I think the high price tag definitely warrants more interchangeable, metal heads.

Rooftree R20 Massage Gun: Should you buy

You should buy this if ...

You want to experience real metal massage heads

The Rooftree R20 massage gun features aluminum alloy attachments that enhance performance and percussion, and are more durable than massage heads made of plastic. The smooth surface of the metal heads feels great on the skin, and they're designed for direct skin massage contact.

You're looking for a travel friendly, ergonomic design

This massage gun features an ergonomic, easy to grip design. It's lightweight and comes in a compact travel case making it the perfect companion when you're on the go.

You want exceptional battery life with no auto shutoff

The Rooftree R20 Massage Gun takes two and a half hours to fully charge and then can operate for over eight hours depending on how you use it. It does not have an auto shutoff feature so you can go as long as you want in each session.

You should not buy this if ...

You want more massage heads

Take note that this massage gun only comes with three interchangeable massage heads.

Price is an issue

The Rooftree R20 Massage Gun is quite pricey, but it's a high-quality piece of equipment that's built to last and would make a sound investment.

Rooftree R20 Massage Gun: Bottom line


4 out of 5    

The Rooftree R20 Massage Gun is an excellent therapy device that features real metal attachments. It's lightweight and comes with three different massage heads to target different parts of the body, all packaged in a travel friendly, compact carrying case. It works at four powerful speeds and can deliver up to 10 millimeters of amplitude. It features a short charge time of two and a half hours for over eight hours of working time, and there is no auto shutoff. On the downside, it only comes with three heads and it's pricey, but I think it's a worthy investment for your physical and mental health.