Rooftree R20 Massage Gun Review


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Whether from stress or overexertion, muscles that tense up hurt and slow us down from enjoying life. Massage directed to tight muscles can do wonders for tired muscles or erasing trigger points once those muscles go into spasms. Besides a regular massage, I have used a manual tool for this purpose. However, I never experienced what a massage gun such as the Rooftree R20 could do until contacted by the company to see if I was interested for this review.

Imagine a motorized massage where you can alter the type of pressure and speeds in this hand-held device. The Rooftree R20 massage gun is battery powered with a high torque motor that is fairly quiet when used. In fact, the battery is advertised to last eight hours on low speed before it needs recharged. This unit comes with a battery charger as well as three different heads: a ball head (soft dense foam for all purpose massage), a metal bullet head for targeting a specific spot more precisely and a flat metal head for when you want to work near the bone.


The Rooftree R20 massage gun is a well-constructed product judging by how heavy it feels over some lighter models. It also is truly powerful once you turn its vibrations on. The speed that I liked most for me was the second level, which felt amazing. With all the power that this unit has with its four speeds, any higher would be more difficult to control for a smaller woman like myself with how intensely it vibrates. Trust me on this, these four speeds do the job for whatever you need to work on. You just need the strength or someone stronger than you to help control it as speeds up its power.

The heads have a black ring gasket that you need to insert properly after charging it up. Mine was attached, but there was extra in an enclosed bag. After use, you just pull it out and gently clean off the attachment with a little soap and water before putting it away into its own zippered carrying case. This was so convenient when you want to store it and then take it out instead of digging through a box.


If you never tried a hand-held massager gun, I honestly am impressed with my Rooftree R20 massage gun. I have been using it twice a day with that ball head on the second speed and really notice improvement for leg pain. I don’t know how it would work on your legs or where you want to massage, but it does help sore, tired muscles to feel so much better. Because I like it so much, I gave it a nice home in my closet where I can just easily pull out for another treatment. My advice is to unwind tight muscles or try a simple way to relieve pain without resorting to medications, you need to visit the company’s website on Amazon and look into the Rooftree R20 massage gun.