One of the 16 Best Percussion Massage Guns

best percussion massage gun

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The benefits of utilizing a percussion massage gun have been proven to be far-reaching and invaluable for athletes and people who experience chronic muscle aches and pains.

The ultra-rapid pulsing effect delivered by percussion massagers is remarkably effective for fast muscle relief that reaches deep into your tissue. A nice quality unit will stretch the target muscle, remove lactic acid, relieve tight joints, improve circulation, enhance workout recovery and so much more – it’s truly a remarkable tool!

Did we mention these devices furthermore give an absolutely incredible massage? Traditional massage methods and vibrating massagers don’t come close to this level of luxury.

Our top list has tracked down the best percussion massage guns on the market so you can select the right unit for your needs. Make sure to compare and contrast the features and intensity of each option, and don’t forget to read through our tips for proper use as well as added info below!

Rooftree R20 Massage Gun

  • 50 pounds of maximum force and 10mm of amplitude
  • Four adjustable speed levels from 1930 to 3400 RPMs
  • Will operate for up to eight hours on one charge
  • Max setting is 55 decibels, so this is a quiet massage gun for use in setting where you don't want to disturb your surroundings
  • Includes three customized aluminum alloy massage heads which can be used with essential oil treatments
  • Travel case included
  • One year product warranty included
  • Only includes three head attachments
  • Compact design and lack of ergonmic grip makes it difficult to treat harder to reach places like your shoulder blades and lower back
  • Fairly high price point for a massage gun offering just 10mm of amplitude

The Rooftree R20 Massage Gun is a middle of the line option offering four variable speeds from 1930 to 3400 RPMs, and an impressive 50 pounds of maximum force/torque.

This option only features a 10mm amplitude, so you will not be able to achieve the same level of deep, penetrating massage as you can with higher amplitude options in the 14-16mm range. That being said, you can still deliver an excellent quality massage with this tool, especially if you’re a thinner, slimmer person that doesn’t have a lot of meat on their bones to blast through! 

Featuring three customized aluminum alloy massage heads, you can apply your favorite essential oils or massage creams while using this device as opposed to non-metal percussion head alternatives. This may or may not be a selling point for everyone, but those who enjoy the application of certain massage aids will LOVE the ability to use this percussion massager in tandem with their favorite products.

The 2600mAh battery can power the R20 for up to eight hours, so this is a tool that will stay effectively charged in your gym bag for many workouts if you plan on utilizing it out of the home! The handy included travel case will furthermore ensure your massager stays safe and out of harm’s way during transport. 

Reasonably affordable, powerful for its compact size, and able to be utilized in conjunction with your favorite essential oils and massage aids, the Rooftree R20 is a wonderful option for those seeking a straightforward percussion massager with just a little added flair!