An Honest Review for My First Massage Gun —— Rooftree: Elite

An Honest Review for My First Massage Gun —— Rooftree: Elite

"I've been running for several years now and have never ran into serious muscle pain so I never felt I needed a post run massage. However, after using this massager for over a week now, it is nice to wind down with a massage from my workout.

It comes with a case with fitted cutouts for the gun, charger and attachments so the parts won't scatter inside. The case has a mesh pocket which came with several replacement rubber ring gaskets. The case can easily fit in a backpack, but it will take up room.

The massage gun has a premium feel. The large handle fits securely in my hand. It has 4 speeds for optimal pressure. I have only used the lowest settings. I'm on the thinner side so the higher speeds is, personally, too strong. I feel if you are built on the larger side, you will be able to get in a good massage.

There are 5 interchangeable head attachments. Each are used for different muscle groups. After a run, I find myself mostly using just the Metal Flat Head and the Bullet attachments which gets all of my legs. If I feel like switching attachments, the Fork attachment works great on my calves and Achilles. Also, I've used on my paraspinal muscles.

You get a well-built product for a reasonable price. So if you are person who works out or just enjoys massages and in the market for a massage gun then check this one out." --Philip Rafael