What to Look For in a Percussion Massage Gun?

What to Look For in a Percussion Massage Gun?

Recently, a relaxing artifact has been used throughout the fitness circle, that is, the "percussion massage gun". By rapidly hitting the muscles to loosen up the tight knots in the area, reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, as well as promote blood circulation.

Some Benefits For Using a Massage Gun.

  • Faster muscles activation and recovery
  • Relieve muscles stiffness and soreness
  • Improves range of motion
  • Promote blood circulation


Cordless, hand held, lightweight, rechargeable, easy-to-use for self-myofascial release.


What should you pay attention to when looking for a muscle massage gun?

  1. Amplitude — The higher the amplitude, the farther the head will move and the deeper the gun will hit. You will feel that it is more powerful! Generally, many sellers inflate their amplitude. So it's better to choose one that has a brand guarantee.
  2. RPM — RPM stands for revolutions per minute, which is how many times a massage gun can hit in a minute! The higher the speed, the higher the intensity of the massage. Most massage guns range in speed from about 2000 RPM to 3200 RPM, but there are a few brands with a maximum speed of over 3200 RPM.
  3. Noise Level — When a massage gun is used, the motor part will inevitably produce noise. This is important to consider as some devices can be uncomfortably noisy, so it is recommended to choose devices with low noise. The maximum noise is less than 60 dB. Similarly, most sellers will lie about the noise level of their products. If you’re looking at video reviews, it can be quite hard to really get a feel of how loud a device is. Always try out the massage gun in person if possible! So you need to choose a trustworthy brand.
  4. Battery Life — Battery life is important for handheld massage guns as no one likes to charge their devices very often. Especially important for people who use high frequency such as therapists to have a longer device battery life to be able to treat their clients throughout the day. We recommend using devices with longer battery life.
  5. Attachment Heads — Depending on the user, different attachment heads may be preferred for different applications. Standard attachments like the ball or bullet head with plastic material are commonly included for most devices, but metal attachment heads can provide a more powerful experience. The traditional medical physiotherapy instrument also use a metal massage head.
  6. Design — Ergonomic and user-friendly design is very important in practice. Good design allows you to operate with one hand without accidentally pressing any switch and causing a bad experience. Non-slip handle, button is designed to be on the back cover.
  7. Warranty — Just like any other high-value device, it is crucial that a product warranty is provided in case of any defects or premature failure. So the seller's brand and service are critical.
  8. Price — If all aspects of the product are similar, choose the most cost-effective. Not the most expensive is the best, and don't buy the cheapest. Products with a medium or above medium price are most suitable. We recommend products ranging from $150 to $200.


If you make purchase decisions based solely on watching YouTube videos or reading user reviews, you've only done half of your homework. Ultimately, you have to experience it for yourself. We can list all the factors to consider when choosing a device, but note that after you experience the device yourself, most of the factors will be up to you. Brands recommended by professional athletes are more reliable.

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