Do You Know the Common Uses of Percussion Massage Gun?

The Common Uses of Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion massage guns are designed specifically to be used by health professionals, but in recent yeas have gained popularity for use at home or gym use and have been all the rage on social media streams. But do you really know the uses of it?

  1. Relaxation: The most common use for these types of personal massage machines is to soften and loosen up sore and tight muscles from day to day activities, whether performed by a therapist or personally. The experience of thumping and vibration itself can have a very therapeutic and calming effect.
  1. Athletes: Regardless of the sport, working out is very demanding physically so it is extremely important to take the time for rest and recovery which should always follow every workout. By adding percussion therapy to your recuperation strategy. You can often times catch a glimpse of a professional athletes on the sidelines using such a device between playing times.
  1. Minor injuries: relaxes muscles and fascia, thus preventing future spasms from occurring. Additionally, percussive massages can help with muscle stiffness. Stiffness can occur when muscles do not receive enough blood flow. With a percussive massage, blood flow can be increased, relaxing stiff muscles.

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  1. Rehabilitation: helps to speed up the restorative and recuperation process thru the breakdown of toxic chemicals that are trapped in the muscles caused by injury. This can lowerinflammation and accelerate the growth and repair of tissues by providing concentrated agitation and penetration that works to improve blood flow and the transport of nutrients to affected areas.

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