Deep Muscle Stimulator VS Rooftree R20 Massage Gun

Deep Muscle Stimulator VS Rooftree R20 Massage Gun

If you've ever visited a physical therapist for a sports injury, you should know the medical DMS treatment device. But you probably don't know Rooftree R20 massage gun.

DMS's unique because it features real metal massage heads that penetrate deeply and feel great on your skin.

The Rooftree R20 massage gun features aluminum alloy attachments that enhance performance and percussion, and are more durable than massage heads made of plastic. The smooth surface of the metal heads feels great on the skin, and they're designed for direct skin massage contact.

The advantage of having metal attachment is that it reduces the friction between your skin and the machine. As a result, your skin will scratch less and the itchiness after the use would be minimum.

In addition, at the same RPM and stall force, as the metal head is heavier than the plastic head so that it can penetrate into deep tissue stably and really relax the fascia and muscles without causing pain. However, the plastic head will bounce off the muscle quickly in response to the reacting force, percussion only on the surface of the skin, which will injure the skin rather than relax the muscle.

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