Can Massage Guns Really Decrease Muscle Pain?

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In recent years, percussion massage guns have become a popular recovery tool among doctors, trainers, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the functions of these handheld devices are the same. Designed to make you feel better - by increasing blood circulation, reducing soreness and improving range of motion — faster warm-up and faster muscle recovery.


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Working Principle

Massage guns work by sending direct vibrating pulses through your muscles - percussion therapy. Percussion therapy and traditional massage are both effective in reducing muscle soreness, stiffness and pain. But massage guns have also been shown to help reduce lactic acid levels in the body after workout. Besides, massage guns are also very helpful before a workout. They can quickly help you get your body ready for workout while also potentially reducing the risk of a muscle strain.

How to use

Although your physiotherapist or chiropractor may use a percussion massage gun as part of your treatment, you can also use the device yourself.

Start slow. Massage guns are really powerful, so be careful, especially if you're already sore. Start at the lowest speed and slowly increase speed as your muscles get used to it.

Avoid bone. Don't hit the bone directly. It is recommended to start with the larger muscle groups, such as your glutes, quads, thighs, and calves, until you are comfortable using them.

Keep it moving. Don't stay in one spot for too long. For example, when used on the arm, move the massage gun back and forth from the upper arm to the palm.

More is not better. Unlike traditional massage, you don't need to massage for more than an hour. With a massage gun, you can relax a muscle group in less than 30 seconds, fast and effective.


If this is your first time using a massage gun, you need to be especially careful. Start at the lowest speed level. Be sure to avoid body parts like major arteries, nerves and internal organs. Do not use on the head and throat. If you feel unwell, discontinue use and consult your physical therapist.

The massage gun is a muscle relaxation and recovery tool. Quick relief of muscle soreness, pain and stiffness. If you have a muscle injury, please don't use it and consult your physical therapist first.

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