rooftree tens replacement pads white

Portable Massager Tens Replacement Pads

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Tens replacement pads/pulse massager replacement pads for Rooftree muscle pain tens massager machine, 2 pcs.


Brand: Rooftree

Color: White

Material: PU+Gel

Shipping Weight: 0.05 lb

Product Size: 140*68*3mm


  • Rooftree tens replacement pads has been designed as snap-on type, which enable users to easily complete the replacement.
  • Also, the tens replacement pads has strong adsorption ability. With anti-skin damage design, Rooftree newest pulse massager replacement pads could be used repeatedly.
  • Under good maintaining and accurately usage of the products, Rooftree tens replacement pads could be used at least 50-60 times effectively.
  • Rooftree has the latest PU material manufacturing technologies, which made our newest tens replacement pads to be extremely comfortable and soft handy. In addition, PU material tens replacement pads have the latest dust-proof design, which increase the product lifecircle remarkably.


2 pcs of tens replacement pads

12 month warranty with 30 days return