Vibrating Electric Foam Roller for Muscle Pain

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Compare with traditional foam roller, Rooftree electric foam roller promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle soreness more efficiently. Also, the latest technologies of Rooftree enable users to decrease their recovery time and reduce muscle strain by using our advanced vibrating electric foam roller for muscle pain.


The cover of Rooftree electric foam roller was made of the newest environment friendly material - EVA, which has good buffering ability, better heat insulation, greater moisture resistance and non-toxic oriented. Also Rooftree electric vibrating foam roller was made by the advanced sound absorption technology, which made our producs to be lower noise and more eco-friendly than other vibrating electric foam roller.


This is a special design for sports people, which aim to release sore muscle pain. Rooftree electric foam roller has also upgraded the speed setting that the intensity of each level is higher than common electric foam roller.


Length: 12 inch

Diameter: 4 inch

Weight: 1.94 lbs

Full charged in 2 hours, could be use for 3 hours at least.