If the virus hit the world, who are the most likely to survive?

If the virus hit the world, who are the most likely to survive?

The "aftershocks" of the virus are not over. We have many wishes before 2020, but after that we just want to be safe and healthy. Fortunately, people who exercise are more resistant to the viruses.

Recommended by stars and sports enthusiasts, a product called "Massage Gun" is popular in the sports and fitness field. Not only does it help you warm up quickly before workout, it also helps you relax your muscles after that. What's more, it can eliminate the soreness for people who sit for a long time. A good choice for all kinds of people.

What Does The Massage Gun Do?

1.Effectively Comb The Myofascial

Allow your muscle fascia to stretch and get the possibility of extension, so that they will not tightly wrap muscles and affect muscle activity, but also reduce muscle friction, which is of great help to joint mobility and muscle extensibility.

2.Increase Sympathetic Excitability

Make it easier for your muscles into working state. Imagine that you are working hard for the buttocks or abs, but your brain is not able to effectively communicate with your gluteus or abdominal muscles. How do you ensure the training effect? Magic by a coach? The massage gun can help you increase sympathetic excitability.

3.Avoid Being "Too Robust"

When the training is complete, the sympathetic nerves will become overexcited, causing the muscles to be too tense when they are static, which will affect the recovery and growth, or make the girls feel "too robust". Release this extra excitement by relaxing the fascia, allowing the above problems to be resolved and alleviated.

4.Make The Muscles Fuller And The Lines Slender

After your training, the muscle fibers have a good contraction experience. In order to obtain better muscle shape, for example, the boy wants the muscle to be fuller, the girl wants the muscle line to be more slender, you need to achieve the goal through stretching at this time. Dynamic stretching before training and static stretching after training make the muscles and joints more beautiful and safer.

Why Do You Need To Choose Rooftree Massage Gun?

1.Small And Exquisite Storage Box

Nylon + leather design, full texture, high-end atmosphere. The size is the smallest in the market and easy to carry. Suitable for personal use and as a gift.

2.Metal Massage Heads

The metal surface polished by CNC precision instruments is very smooth, which can reduce the friction on the skin. Most of the massaging heads on the market are made of plastic, with rough surfaces that can cause itchy skin and even scratches.

3.High-Cost Brushless Motor & High-Quality Bearings

Most of the products on the market use brush motors and low-quality bearings with low cost and poor function. The rooftree massage gun adopts a high-cost brushless motor and Japanese high-quality bearings, which not only save energy but also reduce noise, reduce friction and heat.

4.2600MA And 24V 5C Power Batteries

Unlike 16.8v batteries, our product has longer battery life, greater power and faster speed. Give you sports car-like enjoyment.

5.Precise Exterior Design

Each part of the product is precisely designed to the nearest 0.01mm without wasting any space. Although small in appearance but powerful in function.

What Are The Three Heads In The Storage Box Used For?

The spherical head is suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, waist, hips, thighs, and calves; The conical head is suitable for impact on deep tissue, such as meridian joint, palm, plantar, etc; The flat head is suitable for the relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts.

During the coronavirus, more and more people choose to exercise at home and use a massage gun. Exercise can not only improve your health but also make you more beautiful. However, a high-quality Rooftree massage gun can help you exercise better and relax muscles, making your body healthier.

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